Lose Fat

Workout Plan Goal
09 Feb

Who is this guy?

A guy I connected with online, by chance, after sending him a message on Facebook and to my surprise, he responded. He offered me this workout plan, as part of his periodic routine, and didn’t hesitate to share some of his secrets with me, such as the technique he uses for each workout, but more on that below. In 2015, when I dared to write to him, I remember seeing a poster somewhere about MuscleMania from Colorado. At the time, he was participating in competitions. Currently, I can’t seem to find this person; it seems he no longer has that FB account, but through this channel, I want to greet him and thank him for the inspiration he provided me with at that time.

How is this workout performed?

At the beginning of each workout, it’s necessary to warm up, everyone knows that but not everyone does it, so Dez performs the first exercise with 15-20 repetitions in sets of 2-4 with very light weights and a fairly slow tempo, especially on the negative phase, which lasts around 4 seconds. With this approach, boredom is avoided, and the risk of injury is minimized.

The ideal goal of this workout is to control the exercises rather than letting them control you. Perform each exercise with as much control as possible, with smooth movements and a tempo of 2-3 seconds on the negative phase. Try to choose a weight that allows you to perform around 12 repetitions. If you struggle to complete even 10 repetitions with difficulty, reduce the weight until you can correctly perform all 12 repetitions per set. The secret lies in training based on SMART MODE rather than BEAST MODE.