Cable Preacher Curl

Exercise / Biceps

Cable Preacher Curl overview

The Cable Preacher Curl is an effective bicep exercise that provides constant tension on the muscles throughout the range of motion. This variation is performed using a cable machine and a preacher bench, targeting the biceps for optimal development. Explore the specifications, step-by-step instructions, and variations to optimize the benefits of the Cable Preacher Curl in your arm training routine.

The Cable Preacher Curl primarily targets the biceps.

Cable Preacher Curl how to perform

  • Step 1: Set up a cable machine with an adjustable pulley system and a preacher bench.
  • Step 2: Attach a straight or EZ bar handle to the lower pulley and adjust the preacher bench so that your upper arms rest comfortably against the pad.
  • Step 3: Sit on the preacher bench, facing the cable machine, with your chest and upper arms against the pad.
  • Step 4: Grasp the bar with an underhand grip (palms facing upward), hands placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Step 5: Inhale and curl the bar towards your shoulders, keeping your upper arms stationary and elbows close to your torso.
  • Step 6: Hold the contracted position for a brief moment, feeling the peak contraction in your biceps.
  • Step 7: Exhale and slowly lower the bar back to the starting position, fully extending your arms.


Perform each repetition with controlled movements, focusing on the contraction of the biceps.

Starting position

Final position

CAUTION: Rember to consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider before starting a new exercise program, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Exercise Tips

  • Maintain a stable seated position with your chest and upper arms against the preacher bench.
  • Keep your upper arms stationary to isolate the biceps.
  • Control the descent and ascent of the bar to maximize muscle engagement.
  • Use a weight that challenges you while allowing for proper form.


  1. Single-Arm Cable Preacher Curl: Perform the exercise one arm at a time for increased focus and muscle isolation.
  2. Hammer Grip Cable Preacher Curl: Hold the bar with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) to target different parts of the biceps.
  3. Cross-Body Cable Preacher Curl: Curl the bar across your body to engage different angles of the biceps.
  4. Seated Cable Preacher Curl: Perform the exercise while seated for added stability and focus.